Let Them Eat Cake With The Schleckfingerbesteck

I have no shame about loving the work of young design students.  Their freedom to create is inspiring and they always seem to have their collective finger on the gist of what's important in their moment in history.  The Schleckfingerbesteck is the collective finger of nine students in the industrial design program at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, the offer of a symbol to bridge the gap between nineteenth century Vienna and twenty-first century Vienna.

Now, Marie Antoinette, wild as she was, would not have hesitated to run her pretty little index finger through the creamy icings of these Viennese (or French) pastries....



But the aristocratic society of Vienna would have been appalled.  The coffee house culture in Vienna, even now, honors the manners and traditions of the courts of past centuries.


from Schleckfinerbesteck presentationfrom Schleckfinerbesteck presentation


The Schleckfingerbesteck, the sweet finger, is a devastatingly sardonic symbol of repressed desire,  a wink to the old order that says, "Here you go...  Here's an acceptable way to eat sweets with your finger-shaped cutlery.  A porcelain piece of cutlery to be exact.

The clever designers who participated in the Schleckfinerbesteck are Felix Zabel, Andrea Seitner, Hohanna Rüdisser, Talia Radford Cryns, Theresa Lobkowicz, Martin Krc, Andrea Hanzi, Shirin Fani, and Stefan Buchberger. (Source)