Let Them Eat Grass! 6 Grass Products You Can Grow For Your Pets


Elymus repens, or 'dog grass': image via wikipedia.comElymus repens, or 'dog grass': image via wikipedia.comIf you have any size yard at all, you probably recognize this grass, Elymus repens, aka couch grass, aka dog grass.  Dog grass?  You guessed it. Dogs, and actually cats too, love to eat this stuff. But they don't love it enough to remove the roots of this obnoxious weed that insidiously takes over your entire yard.  So, get rid of the "dog grass," and let your pets eat some other grass that's even better for them.  Here are 6 of the most popular grasses you can grow especially for your dogs, cats, and other pets.

Before we begin, I know you have a burning question:  Why do dogs and cats eat grass?  

If veterinarians won't definitively answer this question, who am I to do so?  My own observations of these primarily carnivorous pets, however, lead me to surmise it is to aid their digestion.  They seek out grass and after they eat some, they often vomit, and then they go on about their business without seeking it further... So, my assumption is that grass aids in their digestion.

Now, here are some great ideas for pets who love grass!  One neat aspect of these products is that they are inexpensive enough to try a few or all of them and see what works best for you (the 'horticulturist') and your pet.


1. Mini Organic Wheatgrass Kit For Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Birds...


Mini Organic Wheatgrass KitMini Organic Wheatgrass Kit


Sure, even birds like to eat grass.  Wheatgrass is a very easily digestable grass and you can grow it for all your pets... but you may want to get a few kits if you have many pets.  The Mini Organic Wheatgrass Kit comes with everything you need, except water, and excellent instructions for growth.  The grass will grow within 5 days and last for several weeks if you tend to it as instructed.   If your cat doesn't eat it, spray water on the plant so at least he'll get the benefit of some of the enzymes just by licking the plant.


2.   SmartCat Edible Grass, Kitty's Garden


Smartcat Edible Grass PlanterSmartcat Edible Grass Planter


Smartcat Edible Grass PlanterSmartcat Edible Grass Planter


This partitioned planter gives your cat a choice of four grasses - 100 percent organic oats, wheat, rye, and barley.  Heavens, she could make beer out of these! Seriously, though, these greens give your kitty lots of choice and plenty of nutrients, and should keep her away from your house plants.  Easy to grow, you will see sprouts within 4-6 days and when the plants reach about 4 inches high, you can allow your cat to munch.  The SmartCat Edible Grass Planter Kitty Garden comes in a nice solid box too.


3. Pet Greens Garden Wheat Grass Kit For All Pets


Pet Greens Garden Wheat Grass KitPet Greens Garden Wheat Grass Kit


A big hit with cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, rabbits and other pets, this rich grass grows right out of the bag with a bit of help from some water and a few abracadabras.  Pet Greens Garden Wheat Grass is 100 percent organic and gluten free.


4. Our Pets Kitty Herbs


Our Pets Kitty HerbsOur Pets Kitty Herbs


Another heavenly grass, a blend of four of your cat's favorites, Kitty Herbs grow fast and plentiful from fresh seeds. Watch out for grass addictions (just kidding).  It should be noted, however, that this product is not catnip, although there is the Cosmic Catnip logo on the package.


5.  Catit Design Senses Grass Garden Kit


Catit Design Senses Grass Garden KitCatit Design Senses Grass Garden Kit


Catit makes no secret about its desire to sensually please our feline friends. And the Catit Design Senses Grass Garden Kit is no exception. The planter is nice and solid and grass grows to edible in about 10 days. And get this: the blue pad under the planter?  It's an Accu-Pressure Mat!

It won't be a surprise to those who love Catit Design that the Grass Garden Kit fits nicely into the Catit playgrounds....


Catit Design Cat PlaygroundCatit Design Cat Playground


6. Petlinks System Nibble-Licious Seeds


Petlinks System Nible-Licious SeedsPetlinks System Nible-Licious Seeds


The Petlinks System Nible-Licious Seeds sprout one of kitty's favorites - oatgrass!  Keep these on hand so you can have a ready supply!


Now, get your green thumbs ready....

That's the buzz for today!



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Pretty good.I think this is

Pretty good.I think this is a very special attention, so I have brought my pet directly to the outdoors to enjoy the nature--luckyoutdoor.com.