Let Your Child Star in His/Her Favorite Video (DVD)

Any kid would love to see themselves as a main character in their favorite video. Lucidiom Inc. is making children's dreams come true with its Animated Specialty DVD products that use your child's photo in their DVDs. Just by using a photo of your child, you can create custom-made videos.

Currently, Lucidiom is offering eight different video titles:

  • Dora the Explorer,
  • Barney,
  • the Amazing Spiderman,
  • Care Bears Winter Adventures,
  • Care Bears Fitness is Fantastic,
  • Baby Genius,
  • Arthur, and
  • My Christmas Adventure.

Photo retailers such as Ritz Camera centers will house Lucidiom's Automated Photo Machines (APMs). Consumers pick a photo of their child and choose the desired movie and character from the APMs. The APM machine then sends the photos via the internet to Lucidiom for incorporating and burning to DVD. Seven to twelve days later, the consumer can pick up a custom-made video starring his/her child as a main character. The child will actually see themselves as a main character in one of their favorite video characters.

The videos will be priced around $29.95 for "My Christmas Adventure," and $34.95 for the other brand-name videos.

For more information, check out Lucidiom.com .

Via Electronic House .

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