Let Your Child's Creativity Run Wild With The Chalk Table

Your toddler is coloring super quietly at the table, allowing you do get some things done that you have been putting off for days.  You momentarily wonder to yourself how you got such a perfect child.  Then suddenly you remember that quiet means trouble.  A feeling of dread begins to well up inside you.  You rush over to the table only to find that your child has tossed aside the paper you provided for coloring and has completely covered the table top instead.  Now you have another project to add to your never-ending list.

Well, if you want to work with their compulsion to color on the furniture then you should take a look at the Chalk Table.  Coloring on this piece of furniture is actually welcomed.   This child-sized wooden table and benches is made to inspire creativity.  It is bright and cheerful, with a chalk board surface on one side and can be reversed to a regular tabletop on the other.  There is also a storage compartment underneath for tucking away all of the creative supplies.

Perhaps having a spot where they are completely free to let their imagination run wild would help to preserve the rest of the furnishings.  It may be worth a try. (Buy Chalk Table)