Let Your Feelings Dictate Where Your Visit To London Takes You

Usually when you visit a new city you decide to visit restaurants based on the type of meals served, or you know you want to visit a museum or historical site. But, doesn't that all seem a little too practical? Now, I Feel London shows you the right places to go when nursing a hangover, feeling naughty, or on a visit with an empty wallet.

Let's face it, if you're a tourist, you've probably looked through a guidebook to determine where the must-see attractions are located, but you probably don't know the places to go that suit your very specific mood, and while concierges attempt to be thorough, they might not be able to point out a good place to go when you've had a few too many cocktails the night before. They might be able to point you towards a good greasy food joint that serves London's best fish and chips, but sometimes, when in the aftermath of a fun night out, making a food choice and asking for assistance can just be too much.

I'm convinced that I Feel London came up with their concept by finding themselves in this exact predicament; since a simple mood based concept just seems to make sense with a hangover. Other emotions probably came afterwards when they realized they needed something with more sustenance that would appeal to the masses, not just the crowd that hit the bars a little too hard. So from there, they added the more unusual naughty, girly, manly and chilled, and the typical tourist based emotions like romantic, sophisticated, energetic; and a mood in a category all of its own; broke.

 I Feel London is an a-typical online mapping tool. You simply click on your mood, and it shows you all the good places to go that would suit the way you're feeling and tells you exactly why you should go there. The website is user based and relies upon the contributions of locals and visitors to London, so they can share the places they like to go when they're in a certain mood and pass on their recommendations to other. It's a site based on invitation only, so they can monitor the contributions. Anyone who wants to put their mark on one of the maps simply has to make a request to edit the mood and location of their choice. And of course, like just about everything else, it's also on Facebook.

I Feel London is currently in its original beta form; currently under renovation to make it a bit more snazzy and user friendly too. The concept was so well received, that they have also released I Feel Toronto and I Feel NYC, which has a few locations stamped on their map, pending further contributions by interested users.

Don't "they" always say, "let your feelings guide you"? Now, there's an idea that can finally be taken literally.