Let Your iPhone Shine with The Swarovski Ball Earphone Jack Accessory

Fashion-conscious iPhone, iPod, smartphone and MP3 player owners looking to make their portable electronic devices stand out have helped make the Plugy a huge hit. Now a new wave of 3.5mm earphone jack decorative accessories is hitting real and virtual store shelves, led by beautiful miniature globes made from genuine Swarovski crystals.

Ostensibly the reason for installing an earphone jack “protector” in the first place is to keep dust, dirt and debris from clogging up the jack, thereby compromising sounds & music listened to via earbuds and headphones. While a Plugy-style decorative jack accessory will most definitely provide such protection, their real appeal is the way they up your device's bling factor and add a dash of personalization.

The Swarovski Ball Earphone Jack Accessory, priced at 780 yen (around $8.60) each, puts a cluster of world-famous Swarovski crystals in prime viewing position. Check out the PINK version - if your iPhone could wear a glittering jeweled ring, it would look a lot like this.

Best of all, your device's 3.5mm earphone jack holds the bejeweled ball just tightly enough to keep it locked in during your daily activities. Removing it takes no tools, just grab and gently yank! The biggest problem you'll have is decided which one of the 15 available colors best matches today's or tonight's outfit, and you know that's a happy problem to have.

The Swarovski Ball Earphone Jack Accessory makes a great gift because it fits standard 3.5mm earphone jacks – no need to worry about compatibility issues. If your intended recipient owns an iPhone, iPod, smartphone and/or MP3 player (and really, who doesn't these days?), then they'll find the Swarovski Ball Earphone Jack Accessory to be a perfect fit. Thinking of adding some bling to you or your friend's life this holiday season? Crystallize that thought... and stick it in an earphone jack.

Editor's Update: The Swarovski Ball Earphone Jack Accessory is now available in the U.S. You can find it at Amazon.com.

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