Let Your Personality Shine Through Your Apple Devices Via Macstyle Skins!

Hey- I didn’t want to say anything, but your MacBook, iPad and iPhones are all… naked! You’d better hurry up and stick one of these colorful custom stickers on your machine before someone sees!


Even though I’m a complete Microsoft junkie, I still see the appeal of these vibrantly colored and cleverly designed Macstyle skins. Not only do you get to mix and match the colors of your personality-packed sticker skin set, but once the skin is applied, it will serve as a vivid barrier against every gizmo lover’s worst enemies and greatest fears: grime, scuffs and scratches.


I’m also impressed with the dedication the Macstyle Skin Team has to cover a wide variety of Apple made devices with their protective designer covers. Their lineup of rainbow colored with sleek graphic layered skins include options for the wired and Bluetooth keyboards, Magic trackpad, iPad, iPhone and of course, the MacBook. Some of my favorite skin styles include the wandering gorilla, biohazard set, grinding gears, sticky tree frog and bubbling beaker, but on top of the cool designs, I enjoyed playing with the color combinations to find the best Macstyle Skins to suit my tastes.


I’d recommend Macstyle Skins for any Apple groupie who takes their cherished devices out into the cold, cruel world. Not only can you say “This lime green MacBook with the orange elephant on the back is mine, and I’m proud of it!” but you can rely on the sticky pachyderm to keep the laptop safe wherever you go.


Source: Macstyle Skins