Japanese Invention Assesses Your Health While You Sit On The Throne


The Japanese, long known for their unusual gadgets, have developed a unique way to test your health.  While remaining true to efficiency, the "Intelligence Toilet” design by Toto tests the sugar levels in your urine as well as weighing you and checking your blood pressure all while you use the facilities.  The scale is built into the floor and blood pressure is checked by an armband that goes into action while you are doing your business.



Once the system has finished digesting your information, so to speak, the results are displayed on a readout screen attached to the wall.  The information is also sent to your computer so that it is readily available for sharing with your health care provider.  No word on whether your personal details are available for every bathroom visitor to view, but the system only keeps track of a maximum of five people’s health data; guests will have to invest in their own “Intelligence Toilet” if they want the same experience.



At the moment the device is available exclusively in Japan, so the rest of the world will have to use conventional methods for a while longer.  Besides, the price tag for this new piece of equipment is a whopping $4100-$5850 USD, so you should start saving now if you want one eventually. 

Source: NewLaunches.com