Let's Find Something Less Healthy Than White Bread And Make A Sandwich Out Of It

In 6 days, 13 hours, 3 minutes, and 7 seconds, 5,200 KFC restaurants will release its new heart attack sandwich, the Double Down.  Already, folks are betting their hearts and both kidneys that their organs can survive the new sandwich's bucket of grease.  You would think the Double Down was a new Apple product, the way the fat-crazies are lining up at KFC's fast food doors.  Another 5 minutes has passed.

Here's the scoop, or should I say the vat on the Double Down.  KFC decided that white bread burger buns are boring edible containers for its sandwiches, and even though they are seriously nutrition-free, they are not greasy enough for its customers. To make a really big splash in the fat, KFC created a duo of deep fried chicken breasts as sandwich wrappers.  And what's between the fried chicken breasts?  What else but bacon and cheese.


KFC's Double Down (It's real!)KFC's Double Down (It's real!)


KFC reports the "nutritional" values of the Double Down Sandwich. More than 50 percent of its 540 calories are from its 32 grams of fat, and the Double Down has145 grams of cholesterol, 10 carbs, and 1380 whopping (sorry Burger King) milligrams grams of sodium.  There are fewer calories if you get the Grilled Double Down, but it has even more cholesterol and sodium than in the deep fried version.

Isn't it great that some fast food companies are still looking out for their fat and carb addicted customers?  It just warms the arteries, doesn't it?  Hey, if you don't feel like waiting in line for six+ days, buy a giant bucket of KFC's Popcorn Chicken and pop them down as you watch the Double Down countdown!

The Double Down Sandwich... It's REAL!  I was afraid it wasn't.  Leave your arteries at the door.