Let's Go Paraguay!! Lingerie Model To Run Nude In The Streets If They Win The Cup

I'm usually a casual fan of soccer--played it for nine years or so as a kid--but I just haven't been able to get into this year's World Cup. Probably because anytime I'm watching TV is a time when there's no World Cup games on whatsoever. Plus, I spent a lot of my once-every-four-year casual fanaticism on speed skating this winter and there ain't a whole lot left in the tank.


If there's one thing that can get me and many other disinterested male fans back into world-style football, it's giant soccer-ball-sized boobs. Yes, bring some of those to the goal line and I will watch, even if the game lasts over two hours, sees no goals scored, goes into overtime, then a five-round shootout and ends in an official tie (WTF?). 

A 24-year-old Paraguayan lingerie model named Larissa Riquelme has a particularly large soccer spirit and recently vowed to run naked through the streets with her body painted the colors of Paraguay should Paraguay win the big show. I'm not so sure that a lingerie model that shows up to soccer games with a cell phone stuck into her giant, half-exposed mams is that far from running naked down the streets anyway, but a Paraguay victory seems like the quickest way to make it happen. 

Now I know what you're thinking: 'If I lived in Paraguay, I'd already be interested in soccer. What good is a nude lingerie model running around the streets doing headers with her own flopping anatomy if I don't get to see it?' But I figure in the day and age of viral Web video, this shouldn't be too hard to see if it happens. In fact, it will probably be among the hottest searches the following day, providing a little reminder to go find it yourself. 

So I propose, since the U.S., England and most other teams are long gone, let us root for Paraguay. It brings a little stakes to a World Cup that seems to be lacking them. Plus, for us U.S. fans, the chant should be rather familiar: "Par-A-Guay! Par-A-Guay! Par-A-Guay!! "

Via: Huffington Post