Lettuce-like Vegetabrella Turns Rainy Days to Salad Days

The Vegetabrella from Japan's Tokyo Noble is as green and wrinkly as a fresh head of lettuce, and the resemblance grows even stronger when it's rolled up. Just be sure you leave the lettuce in the fridge and take the Vegetabrella along on stormy days or you'll end up as soggy as an un-spun salad.

It's hard to say exactly what inspired the designers at umbrella emporium extraordinaire Tokyo Noble to look to the lettuce when brainstorming a new brolly. Was it the sight of relaxed "Zen Cats" like Shironeko blissfully sporting lettuce-leaf sun hats? Did some lazy staffer roll up and fasten their travel umbrella loosely, thus wrinkling it beyond repair?

If said bumbershoot was green, the connection is easy enough to make though as for Shironeko, pretty much ANY vegetable (or parts thereof) placed on his head looks as natural as can be.

Regardless, the Vegetabrella adds a dash of wit and whimsy to Japan's gray, gloomy rainy season while performing its main task with admirable aplomb. It even looks good wrinkled, as it remains even when fully opened.

When closed, folded and fastened, however, the Vegetabrella's salacious salad mimicry really comes into its own – the effect is enhanced even further if the Vegetabrella is still wet from use. Roll it up loosely and you're ready for the pièce de résistance: an integral contrasting color fastening strap that looks like a supermarket produce department's rubber band, right down to the bar code.

Tokyo Noble offers each Vegetabrella for sale packed in a windowed cardboard box styled to resemble food display cartons and stamped “Made in Tokyo”. The sticker is 4,725 yen or just under $60 apiece, a hefty tab indeed but hey, have you priced organic veggies lately? (via Sumida-Brand, Aromastrology, and Tony Spam)

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