Levitating Light Bulb Combines Two Technologies And Works!

A 19-year old electrical engineering student at the University of Queensland in Australia has created a levitating light bulb that is not an optical illusion.  While it may not look too sexy in this photo, just wait until you see these LevLights floating around your ceiling in designer glass shades.


LevLight prototype, invented by Chris Reiger: image via physorg.comLevLight prototype, invented by Chris Reiger: image via physorg.com


Chris Rieger, who is already working on a new and improved version of the LevLight, will not have to worry about manufacturing and marketing his invention; Bulb America, whose motto is, 'If it lights, we have it," has snapped up the opportunity to commercialize it. 

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Rieger worked on his invention for about six months before it came 'to light.'  Studying both magnetic and wireless techniques of light levitation, Reiger's invention combines both methods in his LevLight. 

"Once you have both working, it's really just a matter of overlaying them.  The high frequency magnetic field  generated from the wireless power transfer circuit does not affect the levitation aspect of the build."


source: Physorg


Aug 7, 2012
by Anonymous

Levitating lightbulb.

Will it function outdoors in wind? Does it require a force field above it, or can the source of its power remain on the ground, I am thinking of traffic lights which require no supporting poles?