Lexus Breaks into Premium Compact Segment with Hybrid Concept

German auto makers have been pushing vehicles in the premium compact segment over the past few years, with the most recent being the introduction of the BMW 1-Series. This also happens to be one of the fastest growing segments in the industry right now, which explains the recent release of a Lexus Hybrid Concept that would look to challenge the 1-Series and others in the same class.

Currently, few little is known about the concept, other than the fact the Lexus is planning on using the "h" designation at the end of the name. Since the first Lexus series hybrid to be introduces, this designates a reduction is size of the petroleum engine and the addition of a small electric motor.

The internal combustion engine they plan on using has not been announced, nor has the name but never stops speculation. Lexus did mention a few potential badges they plan on using, which included the CT200h, CT300h, and CT400h.

No official plans have been made for production or a prototype for that matter. However, Lexus has said already they plan on taking hybrid system seriously and this could be the start.

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