Lexus to Get Toyota Collision Sensing Technology

Just in case the addition of the central rear seat airbags weren't enough for you, Toyota is also planning on bringing another new safety system to North American soil.

The first new piece of automotive goodness is a system that uses a millimeter-wavelength radar assembly to detect the possibility of both front and side collisions. When a possible impact is identified, the system will alert the driver using an audible alarm. If the situation does not change and the system deems the impact to be imminent, the brakes will automatically be applied, slack from the seat-belts removed and the airbags will deploy.


The second is used to detect and prepare for a rear end impact. Once again, when a possible impact is identified, the system will provide an alarm to the driver in hopes that he or she will be able to avoid the accident. If nothing is done, the system will automatically return the seatbacks to the upright position and move the headrests forward to prevent whiplash. The seatbelts will also tighten and the airbags will be deployed.

Both of these new innovations are expected to be hitting the dealerships in Japan relatively soon, so you can expect to see the same technology available in the states on Toyota's luxury brand, Lexus.


Jun 6, 2009
by Anonymous

Lisc this to ALL automakers

Radical, huge demand for alone.

ALL makes & models.

Built in Std safety system with ABS, air bags.

Retrofit to older models????