Lexus Introduces a Hybrid Bicycle Concept

I really think that electric bicycles are the stupidest, goddamn waste of materials I've ever seen. I get the uneasy feeling that manufacturers are somehow positioning these bikes at well-meaning but ignorant "greenies" that connect anything electric with eco-friendliness.

However, seeing as how the standard bicycle uses nothing but leg power, which doesn't impact the environment in any negative way at all (save perhaps for a little BO at the office), it's hard to understand why anyone would think an electric bicycle was green at all. Or why anyone would think it's a good idea. Especially a car manufacturer that really has no reason to stick its nose into the bicycle space in the first place.


Lexus is the latest auto manufacturer to join a disturbing trend of high-end car makers designing bicycles. Luckily (for now), Lexus states quite clearly that there are no plans for production.

Lexus dubs its bike a hybrid as it combines both pedal and electric power. In terms of electric, the concept bike features a 240W electric motor and lithium ion battery. The electric motor augments the riders legs and puts some extra spin on the front wheel. The bike also features a regenerative braking feature that helps to recharge the battery with power derived from braking. 

Mimicking a car, the bike even features an all-wheel-drive mode that uses a belt to deliver power to both wheels. The powertrain includes an electric 8-speed internal gear system that parallels the 8-speed automatic used in Lexus's LS 600h.

In terms of construction, the bike features a carbon fiber frame that delivers strength and integrity at a low weight. 

The Lexus bike concept was originally unveiled at last year's Tokyo Motor Show and most recently made an appearance at the Great British Bike Ride. 

Via: WorldCarFans 

Apr 29, 2010
by Anonymous

Why Ebikes are "Green"

Weiss has made the common mistake of comparing the environmental impact of an electric bicycle to that of a standard bicycle. The more important comparison is between and electic bicycle and a car. In every way, the electric bicycle comes out ahead in this comparison. They do less environmental damage, they help prevent obesity and otherwise improve rider health, and they give the rider much more of a sense of connection with the world around them. 120 million people in China have chosen to buy ebikes instead of cars or two-stroke scooters. The environmental benefit of their decisions is monumental.

Apr 29, 2010
by Anonymous

Take a breath of (clean) air, thanks for Ebikes....

There is no real argument here. The Lexus is an innovative work of art. Art is subjective. People can be grumpy and opinionated. The bicycle has well proven itself as one of the greatest inventions in our history.

I applaud the creative thinking and money spent by the Lexus team. The design is looks great! It's an attempt to break the "cheap Chinese bike" mold, and a very good one at that.

Over time once can expect the electric bicycle, scooter, and motorcycle to make a significant contribution to cleaning the air as well as saving energy.

To Chris, I recommend not writing before you've had your 1st coffee. Just joking. No harm, no foul, here.

Let us all support and promote LEVs (Light Electric Vehicles) in any way we can. If it means having a good argument along the way, no problem.

Apr 29, 2010
by Chris Weiss

Great Points

Thanks for all the comments particularly the last one, I think it frames the debate quite well. Some good arguments on both sides. I've been biking since I was a kid, so that's where my view comes from--I'd rather see people use traditional bikes (as they have seemed to do a lot more of lately) than develop new, expensive types of automated machines, but I can see where the latter have their niche in the market as well.

May 6, 2010
by Anonymous


Chris. I suspect you're rather young and still in good shape. For those of us past 60 with bad hearts, knee and back problems, riding a bike up a long hill may not be an option. If you wish to complain about waste, please pick on the SUV.

May 8, 2010
by Chris Weiss

Not a problem

Oh I pick on SUVs plenty, particularly Hummers, at another website I write ( 

 Again good points, I got the electric bike hate out of my system and will definitely temper it in the future thanks to the comments here.