LG Expo--First U.S. Mobile Phone to Include a Projector

The pico projector/cell phone combination has been on the horizon for a while now and it appears the U.S. will see its first such device within a few weeks. LG has filled the niche with the new Expo--or eXpo for those that don't mind unnecessary usage of random caps. The new phone falls short of offering a built-in projector on every phone, but does make an add-on pico projector available, allowing users to easily snap one on. 


The Expo is an impressive smartphone with or without the projector, offering a 1 GHz Qualcomm processor (first 1 GHz phone in U.S.), 3.2-inch touchscreen with 800 x 480 res, slideout Qwerty keyboard, 5MP autofocus camera and a 1500 mh battery. All the add-ons like GPS, Wi Fi, Bluetooth and accelerometer are there, as are some other impressive features like "Smart Sensor" fingerprint ID system. It will be compatible with AT&T's High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) 7.2 Mbps.

The LG Mobile Projector will offer users up to 40 inches of impromptu screen for videos, images and other presentations. While it adds some significant junk in the trunk, the larger profile and extra 1.8 ounces should be worth it to anyone who needs a pico projector or who just likes the idea of having another random gadget built into his phone. 

The Expo will go on sale next Monday and will be serviced exclusively by AT&T. The phone will run $200 with service agreement.The projector will run another $180 and won't be available for another few weeks. 

Via: GadgetCrave and Gizmodo