LG Life Band Will Help You Keep Your New Year Resolutions

Health and fitness is still going strong in 2014. As waistlines continue to expand, so does the fitness market. LG wants to enter the foray and solidify their place in the market, and looks to be doing so with their Life Band Touch smart watch and fitness tracker. The Life Band utilizes Bluetooth LE and is compatible with Android operating systems and Apple iOS. But with so many of these activity trackers on the market, can LG differenieate themselves enough to stand out from the crowd?

LG Life BandLG Life Band

Introduced at CES 2014, the LG Life Band Touch is very similar to the Fitbit, but has one main difference, the addition of an electronic display. Having an electronic display has many benefits. Not having to pull your phone out to check exact progress is the main one. It also functions as a watch, which will help those situations when someone asks you for the time and you are required to pull your phone out, while the onlooker stares confusedly at your wrist device that apparently doesn't tell the time.

The LG Life Band Touch can tell you the number of steps you've taken, your pace, distance traveled, and the number of calories you've burned. It will also alert you of incoming calls, and will let you change music tracks on the fly. Changing music is nice, but LG plans on you having ear buds in for another reason, as well. They are also releasing a set of ear buds that doubles as a heart rate monitor by measuring the blood flow in your ear via a sensor.

Life Band (without the display)Life Band (without the display)

Fitness apps and fitness trackers are continuing to grow in 2014. They are a dime a dozen. It will be interesting to see whether consumers latch on to this new product from LG. It is not doing anything that other fitness trackers aren't doing, but where others might be missing certain features, LG is trying to include them all in one wrist unit.


 Source: LG.com & CES2014

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