LG Offers New Retro CRT Television Set

The television industry is currently on a frenzied voyage into the future. Television technology is rapidly advancing and the focus is on bigger screens, more vivid pictures, more interactivity and new technology like 3D. At least one television manufacturer has chosen to take a brief step backward from this bullet train ride into the next generation and offer something a little simpler.

The LG Serie 1 Retro Classic TV has more words in its title than new technology in its package. Looking like something out of the earliest days of television, the Retro Classic brings back the large boxed construction that was the standard a short decade or so ago. 

The new television may not wow with its 14-inch screen based on classic Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) technology, but it's distinctive looks are captivating with or without the picture on. The television features an orange or brown body, chrome legs and a homage to expletives of years past--rabbit ears antennae. Users can control the television via retro manual dials or wireless remote control. They can also opt for black-and-white, color or sepia picture. 

Unfortunately for western retro-lovers, the LG Serie 1 is being released in the Korean market only. It carries a retail price of 249,000 KRW (app. $216). 

Via: GadgetCrave