LG Phone To Have Always-On Voice Commands


 A new report came out on the site GottaBe Mobile, claiming to be from several sources inside of LG, that the company would be working on a new smartphone for next year. Based on the Android system, it would have a new Qualcomm chip, the Snapdragon 800, that has built-in functions to easily handle voice recognition. This would allow LG to have always-on voice commands, and could make it the first smartphone to be usable completely without touching it.

Right now, several devices support voice commands. The iPhone has Siri, Android has Google Now, and even the Xbox has Kinect. But in every case, we need to wake the device up somehow, and then specifically tell it that we're about to give it a command. The new LG phone wouldn't require this, and instead it would constantly listen in for a specific keyword, such as "Hello LG", and then recognize that you're trying to give it a command. Because the new chip is able to do true voice recognition, it would also be able to distinguish between you as the owner, and somebody else.

Of course there are two concerns about such a technology. First, always listening through the microphone will likely eat a lot of battery life. It's unclear how much of a drain this function would be on a typical smartphone battery. Second, with the privacy concerns that many people have these days, using a device that's constantly listening to you may not be something many people will be comfortable with.