Lian-Li PC-Q26 ITX Case Holds 11 Hard Drives

NAS (Network-Attached Storage) boxes these days are cheap and plentiful, but, just like with PCs, sometimes rolling your own, for various reasons, is better. And what's a better reason to DIY your own NAS than Lian-Li's new PC-Q26 case? I challenge you to find a prebuilt NAS from any of the major makers that can fit eleven hard drives at once.



Indeed, half the inside of the case is taken up by the drive rack, which can handle ten 3.5” drives and one bottom-mounted 2.5” drive. Drives ride on tool-less mounts with rubberized bumpers to reduce vibration, and three included 120mm fans at the front provide much-needed cooling.

As well, the top two drive bays have a hot-swap SATA backplane. It looks like you can add additional backplanes for the existing bays. Lian-Li would probably do good to backplane all of the bays out of the box, though.



Meanwhile, the PC-Q26 will take ITX form-factor motherboards, with two expansion slots and a standard ATX power supply mount for devices up to 7.5” (190mm) long. We're not sure why you'd need a high-powered double-slot video card in a file server, but the option is there. Meanwhile, CPU coolers as tall as 5.9” (150mm) can also be installed.



Other assorted features include another 120mm fan up top, side 120mm and rear 80mm fan mounts; two USB 3.0 ports and audio jacks up front; plastic hooks for cable management, dust filters, and colour choices of black and silver. Clad in brushed aluminum, the whole thing measures 7.9 x 15.6 x 16.1” (200 x 395 x 410mm).



As usual for Lian-Li, you'll pay around $189 USD for the privilege of owning a PC-Q26. Expensive, yes, but again, you won't find many other PC cases, let alone pre-packaged NASes, as well-suited for sheer storage as this one is. Anyway, retailer availability is currently a bit spotty, but Newegg has both colour options available.