Lick, Kiss, Speak - 10 Fun Uses of Lips in Advertising

Ever doubt the power of lips to persuade? The following ads have used one of the most beloved of all body parts...the sell a surprisingly wide range of products. Here are ten of the best uses of lips in recent advertising:

1. Chapstick

An obvious use of lips to advertising a lip balm product but an interesting series of ads for Chapstick.

Source: Ads of the World

2. Pepsi

This use of lips is for Pepsi's grab handle advertising campaign. It was on 3400 buses throughout the US to promote drinking Pepsi.


3. Plastic Surgery

These disposable coffee cups are an ad for plastic surgery...collagen for your lips anyone?

Source: Designverb

4. Avon

A lip sticker, promoting long lasting lip color, was placed on a rotating outdoor ad.

Source: Mikkelkroijer

5. Mentitas

This series of ads for a mint company reads: “Mentitas. Stop the torture. Strong mints.”

Source: I believe in advertising

6. Operation Hunger

This pay station strategic placed a child's open mouth where your money is to be inserted.

Source: Ads of the World

The following are print ads for various companies, none being the obvious use of lip for lip glass, chapstick or mouthwash, that use the power of the visual image of lips to promote their products.

7. Oishi Green Tea

The perfect place for a straw.

Source: Ads of the World"

8. Frangelico

This semi-controversial ad grabbed the attention of many by using this beautiful woman's lips and the nuts in her mouth.

Source: Free Williamsburg

9. Botega Coffee

The caption reads: "Coffee with a smooth taste." Apparently, smooth lips = smooth taste.

Source: Ads of the World

10. Windex...the power of the beaten lip

Have your sliding doors ever been this clean?

Source: Ads of the World

Apparently the lips are a powerful body part, used to not only sell Chapstick but also cleaning supplies, coffee and plastic surgery. Which ad is your favorite? Do you think any of these work well? Any ad programs using lips that I missed that you think are noteworthy?

Amy Gifford
Featured Blogger