Life Preserver Pill Box Could Be a Life Saver

Pills, spills and thrills - that's what pill boxes and life preservers have in common. Now Troika combines the best features of both in a miniature life preserver travel case that holds all your life preserving pills and vitamins.  



The Life Preserver Pill Box from Troika is a cute idea that also makes sense. Many people need to take medication when they're out & about, and rummaging through a cluttered purse or briefcase can waste precious time. The bright red & white colors of this pill box, like those of a life preserver ring, draw one's attention when it's most needed.

The pill box (or pill travel case, if you prefer) is marked "MS Troika" and a white rope fastened at four points encircles the ring, reinforcing the nautical theme. The pill box weighs a mere 19 grams - less than an ounce - and is about 2.5 inches wide.

Troika, through Cataloger, offers many other similar small cases, key rings, credit card holders and portable ashtrays that sport the red & white Swiss Cross symbol as well as many others.

As for the Life Preserver Pill Box, it costs 1,680 yen (about $17.50) and may be ordered direct from the Rinkya Stores online retail website. (via A Rinkya Blog)

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