Lifesaver Can Make Soiled Water Drinkable

If you thought drinking toilet water was just for the dogs, think again. A new $300 water bottle now allows you to join in and share toilet water with your dog or anyone else you wish to share it with. Think I'm kidding? Then you probably haven't heard about the Lifesaver bottle.

The Lifesaver bottle, invented by British inventor Michael Pritchard, has a highly advanced ultra-filtration system, which cleans contaminated water (bacteria, parasites, cysts, viruses, fungi) in only a few seconds.

Why would you ever want a bottle like this? Well imagine being in a place where clean drinking water doesn't exist for days due to poverty or some natural disaster like Katrina or the tsunami in Southeast Asia. A bottle like this could save your life any many others by purifying dirty water quickly.

The filter is so effective that it can clean water from a dirty river or even water with fecal matter. How long does a filter last? Up to about 1,500 gallons of water can be distilled without changing the filter and it does this without the help of any chemicals like iodine or chlorine, which make clean water taste bad. Instead a membrane is used with a filter size of 15 nanometers to purify the water.

In July 2007 at a Soldier Technology conference a prototype of the Lifesaver was voted "Best Technological Development". See, even the military wants it.

Want one of these innovative water bottles for yourself? You will have to wait until the 17th of September when they'll sale online at Lifesaver

UPDATE: Lifesaver Bottles are now available at many outdoor stores as well as Amazon for about half the price of retail.

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Gloria Campos-Hensley
Featured Blogger

Sep 14, 2007
by Myra Per-Lee

Really neat!!

This is a wonderful invention. You just have to make sure you have it with you when you need it.

Thanks Gloria!

Myra Per-Lee

Sep 17, 2007
by Casual Adventurer (not verified)

Best invention ever

One of the biggest issues in global health is the supply of cheap clean drinking water.

They need to produce this in such volume that the price drops so everyone on the planet can afford to buy it.