Light My Way Owl Nightlight Will Lighten Your Child's Night

Part nightlight. Part flashlight. All super cute. This woodland creature can keep your child company while winding down with a book before bed and guide their way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. It can also be placed on a bedside table to create a glow bright enough to keep the boogie man away but soft enough to drift off to sleep. It’s no wonder the Light My Way Nightlight by Munchkin is the #1 best seller on Amazon for nightlights.

This portable owl nightlight is a mere four ounces and is free of phthalate, latex, lead and BPA. It runs on three AAA batteries, which are included—how often does that happen? Batteries included? Sweet. The batteries can’t be accessed without a screwdriver, so you can rest easy that your little one won’t be able take apart his new sleep buddy. He’ll be able to explore his room while he should be sleeping, but he won’t be chewing on batteries.

The power button is perfect for little fingers, but the nightlight will turn off after 20 minutes. Sadly, my night owl needs much longer to come down from her day so she’ll be pushing the owl’s button—and mine—at least a couple of more times before finally putting away her books for the night. She normally uses tiny flashlights to see her pages, but we are constantly misplacing them or replacing batteries after the lights are left on all night.

The Light My Way Nightlight uses LED technology so it stays cool to the touch. Its handle makes it easy to hold, and its design is irresistible. Not only is it whimsical, but it’s free of gender stereotypes. It’s just an owl. There are no bows, ribbons, or colors that suggest it is meant for anyone other than a child needing a little light to get them through the night.

I could use a little light sometimes too. This nightlight is perfect for checking on my twin babies. If I linger too long, my scent may wake them, but with the gentle light from this nightlight, I can feel like Mommy Revere and whisper, “The babies are sleeping! The babies are sleeping!”

Ah, sleep. If our kids are sleeping, we get some sleep too. By adding a little comfort, company, and light, the Light My Way Owl Nightlight might be the remedy for some long and sleepless nights. Sleep included? How often does that happen? Sweet.

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