"Light" Dining With Terzani's Ortenzia Table Top

Whether entertaining a sweetheart, a group of intimate friends, or a special group of dignitaries, home lighting cannot be underestimated when it comes tits ability to create mood, especially when it comes to the dinner table. The Ortenzia Table Top can set a mood for any of these occasions.

Ortenzia lighting was created by Bruno Rainaldi for Terzani, in Florence, Italy. In the Ortenzia Table Top, he handcrafts 36 metal flower petals to surround the lamp. The Table Top creates an elegant bouquet, and gives off a delicate pattern of light through the petals that reflect on it's surroundings. At a dinner table seating six or more persons, a few Ortenzia Table Tops would provide an intimacy that encourages your guests to relax and converse, and maybe even overlook any culinary shortcomings.

Having a cocktail party, or friends just stopping by for a glass of wine, you can turn almost any get together into a memorable evening by setting the atmosphere with lighting.... and you can set it indoors or out with the Ortenzia Table Top because its 1.5 Watt LED light comes with a rechargeable battery that can power the lamp up to 9 hours at a time.

Here's a wonderful setting. We can't all walk on the beach after dinner, but what about lighting your yard or patio or living room in this special way?



During this time of year, we also start thinking about holiday gifts; the Ortenzia Table Top is perfect for someone very special in your life.


You won't have to go to Italy to purchase the Orten'zia (Small Rechargeable) Table Top; it's available at Lumens.com, where you will find many ways to set the atmosphere in your home with just the right lighting.