Light Up A Life - Electricity For Everyone

For anyone who is used to it, living without electricity can be rough. You wouldn't be reading this right now without it; you wouldn't have had a shower recently without it; you couldn't even pump gas without it. Then there are institutions like hospitals, every major business, and your local municipality, which would all be lost without it.

It's hard to believe that a quarter of the world's population still has no access to this invaluable resource. But it's true, and while this remains the case, they remain as removed from the global economy as ever.

Fenix International is trying to do something about this. The award-winning company is now negotiating global distribution deals for their ReadySet renewable power center - a readily portable battery that can be charged from numerous sources.

According to the company's Business Development VP, Luke Filose, "The ReadySet contains a 12 volt, 9 amp hour battery, which stores 108 watt hours of energy. To extend the life of the battery, the ReadySet's built-in charge control cuts off output at 50% state of charge, so the user effectively gets 54 watt hours before needing to recharge. This is sufficient to recharge around 10 mobile phones, or to provide light for 20 hours (with a 2.5 watt LED light)."

The nifty little device features two 12-volt power ports and two 5-volt USB ports, and can be charged at a peak rate of 100W from a bicycle, solar panel, or off the grid. Before long, you should also be able to charge it from small-scale hydro and wind power.

It also has a range of accessories that plug right into it, including lighting, a phone charger, and a lithium battery charger. They're working on developing a water purifier, a radio, even a micro-fridge, that should all help make life a little easier for people who have never had anything like this in their lives before. If you have an idea of "what you think is the next "Killer App" that's going to change the world," they would love to hear from you.

In this video, CEO Mike Lin talks about the ReadySet's potential, and explains why he calls Fenix International a 'triple bottom line company', focusing on people, prosperity, and the planet: