Light Up Your Life With FIREase

When it comes to starting fires for your camping trip or your summer outdoor entertaining it isn't always so easy to get that traditional wood fire going. Once you get it going it can take some work poking and proddingThe IncinerGrateThe IncinerGrate to keep it going and then carefully adding new wood as the fire burns down. FIREase has created the IncinerGrate to make fire starting and maintaining as simple as toasting marshmallows.

FIREase's tagline is "We build fires that love to burn!" They have created a metal frame to allow you to assemble the perfect structure of tinder, kindling, and wood to start a fire. The design allows for plenty of oxygen to flow through to feed the fire and can be used at your campsite, beach location, or in your fire pit at home.

The frame holds the classic teepee shape so that you don't need to spend your time tending the fire, freeing you to spend time with family and friends, or at least more time noshing that summer hot dog and potato salad. Adding wood is made easier to do without diminishing the fire.

The IncinerGrate Getting Set UpThe IncinerGrate Getting Set UpIf you are one of those people who likes to feel important by the manly tending of the fire, well, now you can just pretend your grumpy concern for the fire and still be the hero. Who cares if your social skills are lacking?

To use the IncinerGrate you start with making a small pyramid of tinder and kindle. The spiderish-looking frame is placed over this, taking care to make sure that all four legs are firmly planted and level, and the firewood is then leaned against it in the teepee shape. Then the tinder is lit. This is usually the point at which you begin blowing your lungs out on the beginning glow to give it enough oxygen. Now you should be able to save your breath as the frame is helping the oxygen flow.

Once the fire is going well you can add larger logs to give your fire added longevity. These too will be leaned against the frame.

Please note that trying to use green or wet wood will still be fraught with difficulty. Your tinder, kindling, and The IncinerGrate In UseThe IncinerGrate In Usewood should all be dry for a proper campfire.

Always use fire responsibly. Make sure that there are no fire ban restrictions in place in your area before starting a fire. Never leave a fire unattended. Keep a bucket of water, hose, or fire extinguisher nearby in case of emergency. Once you are done with your fire make sure that the fire is completely out. You should be able to lay your hand on the dead coals for several seconds without detecting any heat.

Now, get your pack of hot dogs or, better yet, bratwurst, and bag of marshmallows, brush up on your ghost stories, and enjoy your summer nights! Oh, and save a S'more for me!

Source: FIREase