Light Up Your Wheels With The Tron Skatecycle

I covered the Skatecycle back in the summer and now it's back with an interesting upgrade: lighted wheels designed to emulate the glow-in-the-dark cycle from the upcoming Tron Legacy. I suppose that as the creator behind the only skateboard that rolls on two big, ring-shaped wheels, Brooklyn Workshops really had no choice but to make the Tron Cycle of skateboarding.

While it was made by Alon Karpman of Brooklyn Workshops, there's no indication that the company will actually sell a market version. Which is kind of a bummer because those neon-blue wheels would look pretty sweet at a skate park after dark. 

You could always hack your own version of the Tron Skatecycle now that you have the idea. You can pick up the Skatecycle itself over at Amazon for $150 and then give it a little Tron-inspired aftermarket love.  The Skatecycle is sort of a bicycle/skateboard/snowboard/casterboard combo that is designed to offer you foot control, tight turning, and snaking, freeform movement. 

Via: Coolest Gadgets 


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Apr 30, 2012
by Anonymous

how do you build one!!???!

How would you build your own Skatecycle if you dont feel like buying one? :O