Lightbrix: Interactive Modular Lighting

French design house HeHe have constructed Lightbrix, a modular lighting system that allows the user to design their own personal lighting structure to suit any mood or configuration.

Lightbrix might be a few years old, but dang, it's still cool as ever. 

This modular lighting system responds to touch through the electromagnetic field of the human body.  Any number of hexagonal pieces can join together to throw shapes upon any surface for either private or commercial purposes.

Say the designers, from the French HeHe:

"The objective behind the project is to develop a network structure of moderately intelligent cells that communicate between each other and respond to human touch. Each cell has a responsive skin, a little brain, a name, six eyes and one ear: to listening out and respond to information about what is happening on the network. Its intelligence lies in its ditributed structure: there is no central unit of control. The controller, or trigger of events is the person that touches a cell within the sensitive membrane."

My question is: why isn't this slick lighting in production yet?

Via Freshbump and MocoLoco