On The Lighter Side: 6 Clever New Gift Ideas From Atypyk

Today I found that when things look the most glum, there's a space within us that makes room for just a bit of levity.  For me, I found it in one of the design spots I depend on for just such levity - Atypyk.  These six new items from the fun pair of French creators are just enough to make you smile just when you or someone special needs it.


1. Piercing

This pierced mug looks like someone I know, but I can't place him.... I definitely get the reason that 'mug' is slang for 'face' after seeing this one.  Prediction: this white ceramic mug with its pierced gold earring will be a classic!  Piercing


Piercing (mug): © AtypykPiercing (mug): © Atypyk


2.  Volcano Incense Burner

I found one natural disaster that is not being destructive at this writing: an inactive volcano.  This is a disaster you can create yourself, on a small scale, of course.  It's an olfactory disaster activated with a bit of incense and a light.  The Volcano incense burner.


Volcano insence burner: © AtypykVolcano insence burner: © Atypyk



3. Lucky USB Key

With 4GB of memory, this Lucky Key USB Rabbit's Foot has not hurt one French rabbit.  Nevertheless, it's been designed by some lucky French guys to bring luck to you, and we can all use it.  Get lucky!


 Lucky Key, USB rabbit's foot: © AtypykLucky Key, USB rabbit's foot: © Atypyk



4.  Side Mirror

Ever wonder what's going on behind your back at work? Get yourself a Side Mirror to mount on your computer screen or desk lamp.  You'll keep in the know, but remember,  "Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear."


Side Mirror for your desk or pocket: © AtypykSide Mirror for your desk or pocket: © Atypyk



5.  Global Warming Thermometer

Okay, so you have to be sick for the Global Warming Thermometer to make you smile.  Maybe I am.  But this thermometer is clever and Earth Day is coming up.  I'm sure you know someone who will appreciate a warmup reminder.  Measures heat up to 320°F or 160°C.  Keep it in the kitchen, if you can stand the heat.


Global Warming Thermometer: © AtypykGlobal Warming Thermometer: © Atypyk



6.  Warning Stickers for Workaholics

This is a good time to remind us workaholics to take a breath of fresh air while we still have it.   With 'work' as the modern day 'alcholism' or 'drug addiction,' the Atypyk Warning Stickers remind you that "Stopping work reduces the risks of  fatal diseases," to  "Get help, stop working," and they include 10 other work warning stickers that can be lifted and re-posted.


Warning stickers for workaholics: © AtypykWarning stickers for workaholics: © Atypyk


source: Atypyk