Shoes That Light Up Each Step of the Way

A shoe with light? What is new about that? The technology. Read on to learn more.

While out of a stroll at night without streetlights, one has to carry a flashlight for fear of treading on creepy-crawlies or tripping over stones. Cumbersome, it takes away some of the magic of a stroll.

PioneerPioneerPioneer is a new shoe that promises to add magic to each and every walk after dark.

The shoe is based on the idea that the mechanical movement (and energy) of walking can be converted to electric power. This power is stored in a battery at the sole of the shoe and used to light up a bulb placed at the toe.

Creators Chen Feijun and Zhao Bin have managed to convert the kinetic energy of walking into electrical energy.

When fully charged, the battery can light up the headlight for 12 hours, it gets recharged while walking. Pioneer has a surface material which is waterproof and allows ventilation. The sole is made of waterproof solid rubber. Great to absorb shock and make walking more comfortable. The material also helps protect the battery and circuit.

The small headlight uses LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology, is low in power consumption, and provides a good source of light, up to a maximum of 1.5 m to the front. The light is positioned in the rubber of the sole and a bulge of rubber in the lower sole prevents the wearer from kicking the light itself. One button to control the light switch makes it easy to use, press once to turn the light on and once again to turn it off.

The shoe won the Red Dot Award for Design Concept in 2007.