Lighting Gets Ill: Lichtinfusion by Christian Maas

sick lightingsick lighting

It seems there is a trend arising in hospital-based design in interior furnishings. Lichtinfusion, Cologne-born Christian Maas' latest creation, is modeled after a traditional saline drip, very similar to the plant IV I wrote about in a previous article. What's with all this intravenous business jumping into the design world? Slightly macabre in nature as a certain deficiency or illness is implied, an inherent sense of humor also permeates these elements of design as we ponder what the effects of a "light infusion" might be. Cleverly crafted to resemble old-school glass saline drip bottles, each light supports a dangling power cord instead of the traditionally required tubing. No word on if this modern piece of lighting is in production, but my guess is that it would grace the inside of a doctor's office quite nicely.

Via coolhunting

Images via Geekologie