Kick Up Your Heels with the Shoe Chandelier

There are dozens of theories out there as to why you might find sneakers hanging from telephone lines. These range from the claiming of gang territory, to the marking of a spot at which to score drugs, to general adolescent hijinks. Regardless of how or why they get there, this vision of dangling abandoned footwear has long been a staple in the urban landscape. So to bring a bit of that urban flavor home, designers Peter Pracilio and Oscar Lopez created their Shoe Chandelier, a replica of the mighty tossed sneakers. Definitely not for every household, these illuminated kicks are replicas of what appear to be hi-top Chuck Taylors, yet another long-time iconic symbol in and of themselves.

This street-smart lighting is scheduled to go into production shortly, and is to be available in chandelier and tabletop versions. Tabletop, huh? Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose?

Found via coolbuzz

Sarah O
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