Lighting to Inspire Poetry: Celine Wright

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Celine Wright is a young French designer whose artistry makes me swoon just a little bit. Finding inspiration in the fragility of nature, she works from an eco-friendly bent utilizing natural papers, stones and blown glass, meanwhile maintaining an inspired and sensually earthy aesthetic. The originality of her designs and the use of natural materials give her work the distinct signature of someone who loves what they do.

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Wright spent several years of her childhood in Japan, as is evident in her creations. Her paper lighting projects embody a zen-like serenity, emitting a rich glow while hanging suspended in a delicate state of peaceful limbo. But really, they aren't as delicate as they appear. The paper Celine crafts her lamps from is high-quality Japanese shoji paper, whose silky fibers offer not only durability and resilience, but also fluidity of movement and an ethereal lightness of being. Often this light quality is offset by a heavy stone used as a base, or incorporated into the design in some other way, emphasizing perfect balance in contrasting elements.


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You can find her work at specialty boutiques throughout the world, including the U.S. Her pieces are also available to retailers online at wholesale prices, which is a lucky break, considering her work is all hand made. Her latest line, "Office Poetry" seeks to bring nature into the cold climate of the business environment.

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Feb 1, 2008
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Celine Wright Lighting

These fixtures are lovely and so gentle to the space. I want one.