Lighting Is Hotter Than Ever In Interior Design!

Light is in for the upcoming 100% Design Show in London. Light as in lighting, but not necessarily as in lamps. Light for surprise, light for illusion, light for dimension, light for fun, effect, maybe even for utility, as to enable better sight. Whatever light is for, it's in and it's exciting!

One of the new design houses showing next month at 100% Design, is ofórm, established by interior architect Patrick Fasshauer. ofórm's emphasis is on creating whole environments and it utilizes modern lighting technology and novel lighting techniques to create its designs. ofórm is one of the up-and-comers to make light an exciting part of its designs, and his designs are sure to be the center of attention.

Here, for example, are some designs for interior wall lighting that are exciting for your kitchen and bathroom walls by ofórm.




In this bathroom shelving design, ofórm's wall lighting lends a peaceful effect, almost romantic... just the kind of ambiance you need for a relaxing bath.



ofórm's Floating Ceiling lights a hallway and plays with a solid wall color to create shades of color and shadows much more interesting and subtle than track lighting!



This office setting, ofórm created for a furniture manufacturer, is lit using printed textiles as shades that create interesting patterns for inspiration and reflection without hurting your eyes. The small desk lamp creates the illusion that it's floating.


Following are smaller product designs by ofórm that incorporate light in very novel ways; they are made of wood that is integrated with LED lighting! LED technology has made such great leaps that you can purchase LED lights in neon rolls and wrap yourself up in them, but ofórm's use is so original!

Here, Wood’n Light, is a simple wood cutting board by day, and a glowing shelf at night!



A magical lounge cube table, Inside LM.


And finally, how about some outdoor patio lighting in the form of Torches, dramatically set "afire" by LED lighting.


The 100% Design show is one of the largest international architecture and interior design trade shows held annually. Based in London, the show is held periodically in other cities as well, but the London show is the largest. The show is open to new designers as well as established ones, so buyers can make their design decisions based on pretty massive input.

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