Lightning Charger Connector Caps Add Dash To iPhones, iPads & iPods

Is your iPhone, iPad or iPad bare and naked? Cover those unsightly holes with one of 5 Lightning Charger Connector Caps from the Bone Collection. Snapping snugly into your Apple device's Lightning connector slot, these cute character covers fit flush against the body while keeping the slot dirt-, dust- and debris-free.


According to Chao0574, the seller who's offering these character covers on Taobao, they'll fit any Apple device including the iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad 4, and iPod Touch 5.

The covers are designed in such a way that when the clear plastic business end is plugged in to the Lightning connector slot, the soft & colorful silicone plastic character end opposite curves around to lay flush against the device's body, avoiding snags and presenting its best face forward.

Choose from five different styles: Red Power Ranger, Penguin, Red-Nosed Reindeer, Wise Owl, or Yellow Rubber Duckie. The latter should be especially popular in China where giant inflatable Rubber Duck Mania has swept the country. Chao0574 is pricing Lightning Charger Connector Caps at 15 yuan each, or around $2.45 a piece.