Lightning Hybrids Develops Biodiesel-Hydraulic Hybrid

Hybrid development is still among the fastest growing part of the automotive industry. New ideas and technologies emerge everyday and old ones are improved upon. A perfect blend between these advances comes in the form of a biodiesel-hydraulic hybrid called the LH4.

The LH4 was designed by a company called Lightning hybrids and as stated above, is powered by a Biodiesel engine. Only 3 cylinders are needed to get the vehicle moving and power the hydraulic pump that takes the place of a traditional electric motor. Combined, the system is good for 100mpg, which will do very well in the race for the Automotive X Prize.

The Biodiesel-Hydraulic combination is also a wonderful choice in terms of performance. When the need arises, the LH4 can launch to 60mph in just under 6 seconds, which is nothing to sneeze at given the high fuel economy number it is able to return. The looks of the LH4 aren't bad either.

In terms of reliability and safety, some extensive testing will need to take place However, if the LH4 proves to be a reliable daily driver and can be put into production easily, it could claim the $10 million Automotive X prize.

Lightning Hybrids

Apr 12, 2009
by Anonymous

Lightning Hybrids

Great point about GM and the other auto giants. The natural business cycle is for a company to be an innovative startup with agressive growth. After a period of stable profits, the companies become stuck in their ways and gives market share to the newer more inovative company's. Eventually, the dinosaur company goes out of business and there is then even more market share for other superior innovative solutions. The bailouts do nothing but keep old ideas in play. This ultimatly reduces the US's ability to be the technological world leader. This new technology should replace the dinosaurs and the displaced employees need to apply their skills to work in the newer growing company's.
Tom P. Fort Worth Texas

Apr 13, 2009
by Anonymous


fuck gm chevey toyota scion all those bitches im gonna get one of these badboys! this is soooooooooooo sweet looking! i cant even begin to tell you how many heads would turn if you were driving this down the street! a lambo dosent even compare to how sleek and cool this thing is! PLUS its eco friendly! oh yah thats whats up... makin babies and savin the world all at once!

Apr 14, 2009
by Anonymous

Lightning Hybrids

I agree with the comment on the bailouts. Let the bankrupt go bankrupt, work through the pain, and then let better solutions arise. Someone will fill the void. The hydraulic pump/motor is an interesting approach. Hydraulics have been around a long time. It will be interesting to see how it holds up in a continuous running process, such as an engine, versus an on demand application which comprises most of the current usage of hydraulics. As for the comment about the LH4 looking better than a Lamborghini, I wouldn't go that far. It looks like a modified Miata to me. I don't mean that in a bad way. I still think it looks pretty good. I just wouldn't get too carried away.