LightSpur Helps Runners Be Seen At Night

Nathan Sports LightSpurNathan Sports LightSpur

Reflective clothing is great for running at night. What is even better is an actual light, or a couple of lights. With reflective clothing, lights designed for runners can make running at night safer. Nathan Sports LightSpur is one of those running lights--one that is non-evasive and very effective.

The LightSpur attaches to the heel of your running shoes, just like a cowboy's spurs, quickly and securely. It is super lightweight, and so won't get in your way during your run. The LightSpur is also waterproof, so trail runs won't be a problem. 


The LightSpur has a few different settings for high visibility and added safety, and it's battery will give you over 100 hours of quality LED lighting. It incorporates a watch battery, hence the long life. The watch battery also makes it easier to replace. 

These running lights won't break your bank either. At around $20, it would even be a good idea to get a couple (one for each shoe). Multiple points of light will increase your visibility at night and make your run safer. You can grab one or a couple of Nathan Sports LightSpurs on Amazon.

Source: Nathan Sports

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