Lightweight Cardboard Bike A Bargain?









If you are considering buying a bike in the future, take a look first at the innovative prototype bike designed by Phil Bridge, a student at Sheffield Hallam University. Phil has designed a bike almost entirely made of recycled material and interchangeable mechanical parts for about $30.

His purpose for designing the bike was to create cheap and ecological transport. In addition he hopes the cheap bike will deter bike thieves from stealing them. Does the bike get wet when it rains? Yes, but it is unclear if this makes the bike too soggy to ride or not. Either way, if it is stolen or rained on the bike can easily and cheaply be replaced by another cardboard bike, if needed.

The cardboard bike's body is made of biodegradable industrial cardboard. The same kind used for constructing partitional boarding. In addition, the bike is lightweight. This makes it easier to carry around when not riding or place on a bike tree. The bike can also support up to 168 pounds. For more information about the bike check out the BBC interview with Phil Bridge .

Is the bike safe to ride? Is it a bargain? Why doesn't Phil get on the bike to show us what it can do? What do you think? Would you ride it?


Via Ecogeek , Shu and BBC

Aug 15, 2008
by Anonymous

Cardboard Bike

So, there's a problem with regular steel bikes filling up the landfills? Go buy a used bike for about the same amount and it will last you 20+ years, and you don't have to worry about stuff like rain, termites or paper cuts. A nice exercise on using innovative materials for a school project, but pretty useless in the real world.

Jan 6, 2009
by Anonymous

not quite

A pathetic mockery of even a child's intelligence...
not SAFE enough!
Not quite a problem with steel landfill bikes.