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I've heard a lot of complaints from people living in small spaces (dorms, apartments, condos, etc) about their inability to garden due to lack of space. I promised some of you I would keep a look out for innovative ways you can garden even with your limited space. Thanks to The Gin Lady, I have come across a possible solution for some of you. It's called the Foldable Greenhouse.

Dutch designer Daniel Schipper created the Foldable Greenhouse. Daniel Schipper, also known for his foldable shelter, made from misprinted milk packaging and for his versatile folding chair that children can sit on or can fold and play with in a variety of ways. Daniel seems to like things that fold up for easy storage and fold back out for easy use. He's my kind of green designer.

The Foldable Greenhouse is a, "light-weight, flexible, modular greenhouse especially suitable for small spaces like cityhouses, balconies, roof terraces or town gardens." Both the top and the base of the greenhouse are made entirely of recycled plastic.

The top folds up easily and flat for easy storage. The base, which does not necessarily need to be used, it appears, can be folded for easy storage as well. As of now the Foldable Greenhouse continues to be modified. For example, it now has a door that opens up for easy access to the plants inside. There is no need to unfold the entire top to get to them.

It's a pretty neat idea with a lot of eco-potential for the busy cities with no yards. What potential do you think a Foldable Greenhouse would have where you live?

If you are interested in the idea and want to know more about it and the designer visit Daniel Schipper's website . The design is not in production yet, but if you're interested in helping Daniel put it into productions contact him via his website.


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Jul 17, 2008
by Anonymous


a good idea.

Jul 17, 2008
by Toby
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I could use these at home, especially for spice plants. With plenty of room to grow things, you still have to worry about rabbits and insects eating the plants.  Good find!