Li-Ion Motors To Offer All-Electric Supercar Later This Year

When it comes to creativity, Li-Ion Motors $#&!s the bed pretty hard. Li-Ion Motors? Putridly uncreative for the name of an electric car company. And the design of its Inizio sports car is about as derivative as any car I've ever seen.


But when it comes to solid, clean design, Li-Ion has something to brag about. At least it will if it delivers on the electric supercar that it plans to get to market this year. The company announced recently that it will be beginning production on the Inizio later this year and is already taking deposits. 

The Inizio is an electric sports coupe that promises to push the performance bar a little higher. The one car on the market today that could be called an electric supercar is the Tesla Roadster. And (on paper) the Li-Ion beats the Roadster in every performance measure that we can think of. It's quicker, hitting 60 mph in 3.4 seconds-- .3 seconds faster than the Roadster. It tops out well above the Roadster's 125 mph top speed (170 mph). And it travels just a little farther via lithium-ion power (250 miles vs Tesla's 245 miles). So it definitely has the chops to become the world's leading electric supercar. 

According to Li-Ion's plan, the Inizio will cost $139,000 when it hits the market later this year. The company has opened up the car for fully refundable deposits in the amount of $1,000.  Hopefully, they'll add at least a few distinctive elements to that cookie-cutter design before finalizing the production version. 

Li-Ion isn't just an electric supercar manufacturer, it will also be starting production on a more practical, everyday electric two-seater called the Wave II. That model will base at $39,000 and a $99 deposit will put you among the first customers. 

You can find out more about making a deposit and about the cars themselves at Li-Ion's website