Like the Pontiac G8, but wish it was still a Holden?...Convert it!

The Pontiac G8 has given us another option in the performance sedan genre and many people are taking that option very seriously. Others however are very interested in the vehicle, but end up seeing only the Pontiac badge and saying "No thanks." If the G8 does strike your fancy, but the badging is something you can't get over, JHP Vehicle Enhancements may have the perfect solution.

Go From this...Go From this...

As most people already know, the G8 is based on the Holden Commodore that currently spends most of its time traversing the Australian landscape. The only real differences are the body panels and the badging of course. JHP has taken care of the body panel issue by assembling a full kit that will transform your G8 back into a Commodore.

The kit includes a new hood, hood latch, hood insulator, front bumper fascia, upper and lower grille, front bar fascia and fog lamps. The badges however need to be bough separately and will run you about $150 for a full set. this.

The kit comes in 2 different trims, one to fit the base model G8 and the other for the GT version. If you own the GT and purchase the kit, it will convert into the HSV model of the Commodore. The cost of the base kit is $1,990 and $3,880 will net you the GT to HSV conversion.

Via : AutoFiends
Nov 23, 2008
by Anonymous


Quite amazing what a new bumper cover and hood will do. Funny how the lights are exactly the same too but seem to have a different look with the different hood & bumper cover.

Jan 16, 2009
by Anonymous


Actually, I like the Pontiac version better. The Holden looks like a Volvo or something