The Li'l Squirt Baby Pool Eases Your Baby Into Water Play


Babies love to splash in water, but they do not always love to sit in a pool full of it.  Now that summer is here you probably want to find a way to keep your little one cool and entertained on those long, hot days.  The Li’l Squirt Baby Pool by One Step Ahead is designed to delight babies and peak their curiosity about water play.
The surface is a cushiony play mat with slightly raised edges to hold a small amount of water for baby to sit in.  There are floating 3-D fish inside to grab baby’s attention, and soft sprayers that shoot water straight upward.  By turning up your garden hose you can get the fountains to shoot higher and with more pressure.

It is recommended for ages 12 months and up and looks like it would be a lot of fun on a really hot day.  Unlike a regular baby pool though, you would have a constant flow of cold water so you would have to make sure that it was really warm outside.  At least when your baby is done playing for the day it is not a lot of water to dump out and probably has not left a big dent in your lawn.    (See Li'l Squirt)



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