Limited Edition Futuristic Titanium Watch Horological Machine No 2.2

For those watch fanatics out there, there's a new design on its way that will make you drool. It comes from a partnership between a Swiss watch maker and French designer, and it kind of resembles a cassette tape but with a modern look.

Horological Machine No 2.2Horological Machine No 2.2

The Horological Machine No 2.2 is a creation by French designer Alain Silberstein , it's made from a solid piece of titanium and has a 2-face design. The right face of the watch has the time, and the left has the date and phase of the moon. Since these watches are limited edition, only 8 of them will be produced by MB&F in partnership with the French designer . The Horological Machine No 2.2 is an improvement of the original version, the look is sleeker and the timepiece is lighter to wear, but just like the original, these wearable gadgets are only for those with money to burn!

Futuristic WatchFuturistic Watch

Via: Gizmodo