Limited Edition Star Trek Captain Kirk Chair - Go Ahead, Sit on It!

Although this product may be just a tad out of most people's budget, it will definitely make a great conversation piece!   And bet your bottom dollar - people will be lining up at your door just to be able to see it, much less sit in it.

Star Trek Captain Kirk ChairStar Trek Captain Kirk Chair

Retailing for just under $2200, whoever owns this fully-operational puppy will be captain of his or her own ship!  Designed from actual Paramount Studio drawings, the swivel seat is covered in leather while the majority of the chair is made from wood. And this is  not just any flimsy chair you can simply push around either.  The chair measures 41 x 42 x 39 and weights a bit over 200 pounds.

 Captain Kirk ChairCaptain Kirk Chair

The limited edition chair, from Diamond Select, has a heavy iron base and amazing left and right armrest controls. With the flick of a button, you'll be able to use the red and yellow alerts, hailing frequencies, cool lighting, intercom controls and more - right from your chair! Sound effects that are out of this world include hail, warp speed, background noises, photon torpedoes, phasers and more. And even better - phrases such as "This is Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise" and "Prepare for attack all hands Battle Stations" are included!  Now that is cool!

A mini-replica is included in each purchase. Why not buy the big one for dad and give the small one to your son?   After all - Father's Day is right around the corner!  But you better hurry - only 1701 Star Trek Captain Kirk Chairs are being made. Pre-orders are currently being accepted.

Note: The chair contains small parts - not recommended for children under 3.

Source and Photos: Entertainment Earth and Inventor Spot's John Barker




May 11, 2009
by Anonymous

Expand Market to other Kirk Chairs

How about:

Kirk Bridge Chairs from:

STTMP Enterprise
ST2 Enterprise
2009 movie Star Trek
2002 Star Trek Nemisis
ST Voyager Chair.

Many Apps for for the worldwide Trek fandom alone.

Ideal for:
TV & Movie Museums alone
Arch Design Museum

BUT make armest controls Functional for User IE
Bose Sound System


Jul 2, 2009
by Anonymous


Well...I got my captain's chair yesterday! I will say, it is heavy, LOOKS GREAT, and feels really good to sit on this nerd throne. HOWEVER, my chair did not come with any instructions, I cannot figure out how the electronics work (I don't think they are connected), and when I pushed the buttons on the right arm rest, the buttons actually pushed through arm and I heard them fall to the bottom of the chair! I felt completely powerless only seconds into my first command as I couldn't even go to "Red Alert!"

I wasn't happy! After accepting the reality that Scotty wasn't beaming down to fix anything, and realizing that I didn't have a single contact for any reputable captain's chair repair men, I called to see what could be done. They are working to get me the instructions from Diamond Select, and though I haven't heard back from anyone today, I remain hopeful that someone will have an answer to retrieve my "fallen buttons!"

Overall, this chair is pretty well made (with a few major exceptions in my case). It appears to be hand made, but for $2,500 it should be pretty darn perfect. Granted, I can make most of the sound effects myself, but after paying a hefty amount for this thing, I should have been able to fire phasers and open hailing frequencies without breaking the controls. Even Captain Kirk occasionally gave his intercom button a good "fist punch" without the button tumbling to the bottom of his hollow command chair!

A good purchase....sure...why not?...but mine was overpriced for what I got. I hope the other 1700 chairs that grace the living rooms and star ships across the galaxy have lights and sounds included!!! The chair comes with a complimentary miniature captain chair (Kirk figure included) complete with sound effects and phrases from the show. Perhaps their claim to lights and sounds only pertains to the toy version!....The only sound effect I heard was the "Whomp Whomp Waaaaaa" sound in the background!

If anyone has some answers as to how I can retrieve my controls and turn on the electronic features....may the "Great Bird of the Galaxy" bless you!