Lincoln MKT Concept Unveiled at Detroit

Alongside the C Concept, Ford also introduced the Lincoln MKT Concept. The MKT was designed with luxury and practicality in mind, offering many new features that put it well ahead of the competition.

Every line on the exterior was carefully placed to create a seamless flowing effect from front to rear. The windshield also flows upward and becomes a side by side sunroof providing the driver and passengers with an uninterrupted view both forward and skyward.

Inside are 4 executive style chairs, with the rear seats making use of thigh supports hidden underneath. When in use, the supports provide slight cooling or warmth depending on the passengers' selection. Under the rear of the front seats, small foot rests slide out and offer the rear riding passengers the ability to recline almost completely.

The center console extends all the way from the dash to the rear seats, providing everyone in the vehicle with their own climate and audio controls, as well as personal storage. From, the headliner, a small set of screens can be lowered and used to hold on-screen conference calls.

As expected, power for the MKT is slated to come from one of the 3.5 liter twin turbo EcoBoost V-6 engines. Power estimates place horsepower somewhere in the 340 range, while torque is expected to be slightly higher.

If everything stays on schedule, we should see the MKT on the streets sometime in 2011.

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