Lines Gone Wild! Contemporary Seating by Brodie Neill

What happens when a scribble hops off the page and comes to life in the third dimension? Well, you might get something that resembles the futuristic-looking works of award-winning Australian designer, Brodie Neill.

Brodie Neill received his first degree in design in Tasmania, and went on to complete a master's at Rhode Island School of Design in 2004. Since then, he has been making news in the international design market on many fronts. After running a successful New York-based studio, he moved to London where he now keeps busy with commercial, public, and cross-disciplinary projects.

check out those curvescheck out those curves

E-turn, a sculptural bench made from lacquered fiberglass, explores the dynamics involved in organic angles and twists that slice through space and transcend our traditional concepts of what one would properly imagine a "seat" to be. This modern bench piece is manufactured by Milan-based company Kundalini, and is available in a wide array of colors, as well as chrome.

"@ chair""@ chair"

@ Chair continues the idea of "lines gone wild," further exploring the physics of creating a seamless 3D line upon which to sit. This one even comes with back support, and a wider seat for increased lounging appeal.

Neill's skl low riderNeill's skl low rider

The skl lounge appears to have the ability to snugly accommodate two warm bodies, but if you really want to get cozy you might want to move somewhere with a bit more cushioning. This low-riding lounge is made of plywood, upholstery and stainless steel. I question the real comfort of the red interior "comfort zone," but the clean lines and bold colors make for a unique addition to a contemporary setting.

Aside from his contributions to modern seating, Neill has also experimented with both hanging and wall lighting, table design and graphic imagery, among much more. 

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