Lingerie Flies High

Feather lingerie? When I first came across this idea, the first question that came to mind was, WHY?

Why would anyone want to wear feathers, fake or otherwise, under their clothes?

Granted they are pretty, but I think somewhat impractical.

Unless you live life as a go-go dancer, are taking part in the Brazilian carnival, or are a burlesque entertainer.

Whatever the reason, I still don't see any reason to display ones fascination with birds in this manner.

But while we are on the subject let's have a look at a few creations.

The first is this bra with Mynahs on the cups. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing it. Poor birds....

The peacock feather bra looks stunning, and the only way to do some justice to it would be to wear it by itself or under something sheer.

This black lacy duo retains some sense of wearabilty. You can see a few other designs here .