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Lingerie For Men: Male Bras For Men with Gynecomastia

"Man boobs" have been joked about in movies, TV shows and other media outlets; but they can appear as a result of a serious condition called gynecomastia which causes the mammary glands to grow abnormally large in males. This can be embarrassing for men, particularly when they have to shop in women's lingerie stores to find a little bit of support. That's why bras for men have been introduced.

Bra for MenBra for Men

I came across these bras designed for males, while trying to search for the causes of my male dog's strangely enlarged nipple. It's since been looked at by a vet, but I'm glad there are options for males like him (but of the human variety) who face embarrassment and need a little bit of support. These bras are available on line, so men suffering from gynecomastia can get the support they need from a bra, without having to go into a store to shop for a product. These bras don't lift like ones designed for women either, so they create a little bit more discretion for self-conscious males and provide the physical support that they need as well. Available in black, white and pink, there are plenty of color choices for men shopping for a bra. They are getting great reviews from their customers. You can find more info about and order the Men's Bra here.

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Oct 12, 2009
by Anonymous


These are supposed to reduce embarrassment, and yet they come in ... pink? And why aren't they designed/shaped more like a sports bra? Really, cups? I can't see a man wanting to purchase these, even if they do provide support. Design FAIL.

Oct 25, 2009
by Anonymous


this is a jole. a joke on the world by the japanese. research indicates that there is
no such thing available from said website.