Lingerie For Men: Male Bras For Men with Gynecomastia

"Man boobs"  or "moobs" have been joked about in movies, TV shows and other media outlets; but they can appear as a result of a serious condition called gynecomastia which causes the mammary glands to grow abnormally large in males. This can be embarrassing for men, particularly when they have to shop in women's lingerie stores to find a little bit of support. That's why bras for men have been introduced.

Bra for MenBra for Men

I came across these bras designed for males, while trying to search for the causes of my male dog's strangely enlarged nipple. It's since been looked at by a vet, but I'm glad there are options for males like him (but of the human variety) who face embarrassment and need a little bit of support. These bras are available on line, so men suffering from gynecomastia can get the support they need from a bra, without having to go into a store to shop for a product. These bras don't lift like ones designed for women either, so they create a little bit more discretion for self-conscious males and provide the physical support that they need as well. Available in black, white and pink, there are plenty of color choices for men shopping for a bra. They are getting great reviews from their customers. You can find more info about and order the Men's Bra here. (Another site with an extensive collection of bras for men that I just found is Homme Mystyrre. They offer pretty bras for men who enjoy wearing bras.)

EDITOR'S UPDATE: Bras for men with gynecomastia that offer broad bands for their larger ribcage, smaller cups and thin discreet coverage are difficult to find.  Chest wraps and compressions shirts may be easier to use. Here are some bras and other chest solutions for men that we found that may be helpful:

Champion Freedom Seamless Sports Bra

Champion's Freedom Seamless Sports Bra offers wide straps and comfortable compression in a seamless design that is double lined and does not show under clothing. Stretchy, comfortable and roomy in the rib cage so it is more comfortable for men with broader chests. It gets excellent reviews for comfort and durability.


Fruit of the Loom Built-Up Sportsbra

The Fruit of the Looms Build Up Sports Bra are a normal tank shirt and non-racerback style that is super comfortable yet sleek.  Made with 95% cotton, it provides the breathability and comfort of cotton with just enough give to provide support and compression.

Underworks Compression Shirts And Binders


Underworks has a terrifice selection of compression shirts and binders in both v-neck and round neck that are specifically designed for men with large breasts.  It has a strong spandex fabric that provides extreme compression and it has sizing that fits men's larger chests. It addition to providing compression to your chest, it also help support your belly and back, giving you a stronger and sleeker appearance. You can take a look at their large selection and reviews here.

Insta Slim Compression Muscle Tank, Shapewear for Men


Insta Slim has a nice line of compression underwear designed to give you a sleeker slimmer look.  It offers a bit less compression than the Underwerks shirts but they are a bit more comfortable for everyday wear. It's made of 70% nylon so it is not as comfortable as those made with more cotton but is much less expensive than other higher quality compression shirts.

Spanx Compression Crew Neck T-shirts


Spanx has a great line of crew neck t-shirts that offer compression as well as the tank style shirt designed to look like normal men's undershirts.  They are made of high quality stretch cotton so they are extremely comfortable. They are a  bit pricey compared to normal t-shirts but they do provide the support and compression that can help minimize chest size. 

Compression Chest Wrap

Compression Chest WrapCompression Chest Wrap

If you need  more binding, this compression chest wrap can band up your chest and still provide ventilation. so that you can stay comfortable.

For men with  gynecomastia, there are more options for undershirts and bras than ever before. Perhaps one of these options can provide you with the comfort and support that you need.

Originally published June 2009 and updated May 2015.

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Oct 12, 2009
by Anonymous


These are supposed to reduce embarrassment, and yet they come in ... pink? And why aren't they designed/shaped more like a sports bra? Really, cups? I can't see a man wanting to purchase these, even if they do provide support. Design FAIL.

Oct 25, 2009
by Anonymous


this is a jole. a joke on the world by the japanese. research indicates that there is
no such thing available from said website.