Lip Enhancer: Great Idea?

Patent# US 6830590, the Lip Enhancer, is precisely what it says: a method and apparatus for enhancing the size of one’s lips. Although it must be said that wanting to look one’s best is certainly a formidable goal as it is so deeply rooted in the healthy concepts of self-esteem and worthiness, there is a disturbing implication here that what you were born with isn’t good enough and needs to be changed. What comes next, one could ask. Will it be something to make my eyes bigger, my neck shorter, my jaw straighter?



The idea of a do it yourself fix-it cosmetic technique has a very distinct appeal and is very clever in its own right. Perhaps understanding how braces and whitening strips work on teeth inspired the inventor? The Lip Enhancer, which is actually a flesh-colored polymer strip with a strong moisture activated adhesive, most definitely represents a very creative and interesting angle of thought.

The Lip Enhancer is user friendly and very easy to manipulate. The apparatus is inserted on the inside of the user’s lip with an attached applicator. It renders the expression of ‘not giving lip’ a new and different dimension. Once in proper position, the user simply pulls the applicator away. When in place, the Lip Enhancer maintains a stretch in the inner lip tissue, causing more of the lip to be exposed externally, and therefore, giving the illusion that the lip is noticeably larger. This could be a type of mirage except that there’s no desert anywhere nearby.

Users may talk, eat, and drink while using the Lip Enhancer but one can only wonder what others items they might consider for potential enhancement. How about a fingernail or ear lobe enhancer, to match really long rings and earrings? Or maybe one for toes so that keeping on them comes to mean something else?

In keeping with this line of thought, consider reading Amused and Bemused’s piece, “Want Cosmetic Surgery? Some Wacky Options to Consider" and Boomer Babe’s thought-provoking post, “Aging Skin? A New Stem Cell Rejuvenation Cream In The Pipeline”.

As far as the Lip Enhancer goes, to each his own. If you decide to do it, practice pouting on a regular basis before hand so that you will have it down pat (up?) when the time comes!

Happy pouty lips to all and to all good…whatever.

Jan 24, 2009
by Jill Harness
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Thank you for sharing. God I would never want to use one of these.

Jan 24, 2009
by Cosetta
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Hi Jill, Me either! Thanks

Hi Jill, Me either!

Thanks so much for your comment. I appreciate it. 



Happy Patent,